Clear focus on quality

Unique school concept with strong results

The parents, children and young people who apply to IES all believe it is important to master the English language, have a safe and calm educational environment and have the best possible conditions for academic success. In the IES annual anonymous survey of parents and students attending IES schools conducted in spring 2016, 30 percent of the respondents said that they chose IES mainly because they believed young people should learn to master English, 36 percent chose IES because they appreciate the “tough love” concept – with an orderly and calm work environment – and 24 percent chose IES because they appreciate the high academic expectations.

In the 9th grade national tests in the core subjects of Swedish, English and mathematics, IES students have performed significantly better year after year than the national average, and also better than the average for independent schools.

IES has gained a good reputation through the way it runs its schools combined with the strong academic results achieved. In the annual anonymous survey 96 percent of parents responded that they would recommend IES to another parent if asked.